Take your training to the next level!

If you are interested in competing in Taekwondo Tournaments then these are the things you will need to know.


Sparring, full contact fighting World Taekwondo and Olympic rules. Matched to your age and grade. A fighting spirit win or lose, do your best to not be beaten.

TNT team trainings are held as an extra-hard training session with Master Yang and myself. Every Saturday from 11am – 2pm, including a lunch break from 12pm – 12.30pm.

These trainings are designed to bring out the best you have. We work on your weakness and build your strengths, we cover rules and practise different scenarios. Fitness is the key, you must also have the right sparring gear. Attitude and discipline are very important and joining these training sessions may not automatically get you on the team.

We have tournaments thought the year as early as March so get cracking and work on your fitness always


Patterns equivalent to your grade and age practised over and over to become second nature, balance and power.

TNT trainings are held on Saturdays 12.30pm - 2pm with Master Yang and myself, working on poomsae, strength, power, flexibility and confidence.

It needs a lot of commitment to stick this out in hope of a GOLD medal. These training sessions cost an extra one-off payment of $100 per year and includes a TNT t-shirt.


Is done 3 times a year, usually in April, August and December. You will grade when you are ready. There is no hurry as everyone learns at a different pace.

Your instructor will tell you when your grading is coming up, we mark the belts with 4 black tips to show the stage you are at in your belt level. Age and ability is taken in to count when training and grading. Grading time can be shortened by the amount of hours you have attended training, competed in tournaments or demonstration team. Fighting is not compulsory, however we
do train for tournaments both Poomsae and fighting.

Fitness, flexibility and attitude are all things you can work on yourself. Tidy uniform and belts are compulsory. Keep all nails short and clean. Personal hygiene is a must


• Blocking, Strikes, and kicks
• Basics #1
• Kibon #1
• Taeguek #1–8
• Power test, kicks on pads
• Self defence
• Board breaking
• Fitness
• Flexibility
• Korean language


This is an overview of the different levels of Taekwondo. For more information on each level, download our handbook.


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